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Our Mission

River Park Hospital is on a mission to improve quality of life for patients through the delivery of individualized treatment that is accessible, compassionate, effective and affordable. In pursuit of our mission, we commit to the following value statements that we believe are essential in the fulfillment of our daily responsibilities:

  • We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of all individuals, and we are tirelessly dedicated to protecting patient rights.

  • We demonstrate sensitivity to spiritual, physical, behavioral and emotional needs of every individual.

  • We foster a team atmosphere among staff and physicians to promote mutual respect with the common goal of providing quality services.

  • We are committed to the continual measurement, evaluation and improvement of patient care.

  • We act with absolute honesty, integrity, and fairness in the way we conduct our business and our lives.

We are committed to continually measuring, evaluating and improving the care that we provide. The staff and physicians at River Park Hospital are dedicated to protecting patient rights and fulfilling responsibility as caring, qualified professionals.

Our Action Alliance Partnership

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, a public-private partnership, has partnered with River Park Hospital, to strengthen the country’s clinical capacity to provide innovative suicide prevention and care. The partnership significantly advances one of the central priorities of the Action Alliance – to transform health systems and reduce suicides—and marks  River Park Hospital’s commitment to be at the leading edge of the transformation.

As a proud supporter of the National Action Alliance on Suicide Prevention, River Park Hospital provides education and resources to the communities we serve. Watch our video below to learn more:

To learn more, please visit the Action Alliance website.

Always Here to Help

River Park Hospital is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address your questions and concerns. To schedule a no-cost assessment or for more information about our programs, please call 800-621-2673 or use our online contact form today. In case of medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.